Ace I: Declassified as of Chapter 4

I suppose I’ve always known I was different. You have to be, to play youth hockey against other countries. But a demigod? Never in my wildest dreams did I think of that. If it hadn’t been for that cyclops, or those empousai, maybe I’d’ve gone my whole life believing I was a regular kid with some phenomenal hockey skills. After the cyclops incident, I’d almost convinced myself that it’d been some sort of fever dream, that I’d been dehydrated and delirious. Until that guy Cato came along, I’d been doing things as per usual, not stopping long enough to reflect on the incident. However, when you’re staring at the smoldering remains of a Pizza Hut, complete with non-human legs sticking out under some rubble? It’s hard to say you’re still hallucinating.

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