All CoP Chapters

Read all the latest chapters from Harry Potter and the Conjoining of Paragons below.

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Chapter One: Ruptured Realities
Chapter Two: Star Gazing
Chapter Three: Enigmatic Encounters
Chapter Four: Complicated Riddles
Chapter Five: Rude Reunions
Chapter Six: Settling and Unsettling
Chapter Seven: Moonlit Musings
Chapter Eight: An Unhelping Hand
Chapter Nine: Creeping Danger
Chapter Ten: Looming Destinies
Chapter Eleven: Spoiled Schemes
Chapter Twelve: Preemptive Precautions
Chapter Thirteen: Lingering Shadows
Chapter Fourteen: Shifting Balances
Chapter Fifteen: Failed Intrusions
Chapter Sixteen: Ominous Gifts
Chapter Seventeen: Sudden Confrontations Part I
Chapter Eighteen: Sudden Confrontations Part II
Chapter Nineteen: A Calculated Risk
Chapter Twenty: Deceptions and Detractors
Chapter Twenty-One: New Wrinkles
Chapter Twenty-Two: True Power
Chapter Twenty-Three: Oversights and Overreaches
Chapter Twenty-Four: Beware the Heir
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Plot Thickens
Chapter Twenty-Six: Dread on the Wind
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Falls from Grace
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Ultimatum
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Awareness
Chapter Thirty: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Chapter Thirty-One: The Spinning of Schemes
Chapter Thirty-Two: Best Laid Plans
Chapter Thirty-Three: Broken Puzzles
Chapter Thirty-Four: Awakenings
Chapter Thirty-Five: Precious Things
Chapter Thirty-Six: Longing Shadows
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Tenuous Troubles
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty-One
Chapter Forty-Two
Chapter Forty-Three
Chapter Forty-Four
Chapter Forty-Five
Chapter Forty-Six
Chapter Forty-Seven

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