All AoC Chapters

Read all the latest chapters from Harry Potter and the Ashes of Chaos below.

Year One: The Forsaken’s Ascension
Year Two: The Sacrificial Slytherin
Chapter 55: Bids for Freedom
Chapter 56: A Day of Reckoning
Chapter 57: The Hatching of Schemes
Chapter 58: Surreptitious Shadows
Chapter 59: Shockwaves and Schemes
Chapter 60: Of Shadows and Schemes
Chapter 61: Webs and Widows
Chapter 62: Unforgivable Friends
Chapter 63: Widowed Weddings
Chapter 64: Mysteries and Impossibilities
Chapter 65: Troublesome Truths
Chapter 66: Looming Shadows
Chapter 67: A Dangerous Game
Chapter 68: Tentative Trust
Chapter 69: Confronting the Faceless I
Chapter 70: Confronting the Faceless II
Chapter 71: The Strengthening of Stances
Chapter 72: Extracurricular Activities
Chapter 73: Planting Seeds
Chapter 74: Vital Secrets
Chapter 75: Cryptics and Rats
Chapter 76: Subtle Secrets
Chapter 77: Samhain Gets Sirius
Chapter 78: Sirius Suspicions
Chapter 79: Cunning Coronations
Chapter 80
Chapter 81
Chapter 82
Chapter 83

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  1. Hi, I’m reading (and immensely enjoying) ashes of chaos on ffnet. I’m in the finale of second year, but I’m worried … you didn’t update in quite some time and I love long and complex stories like yours and would be very sad if you abandoned or was unable to continue the story 🥺. Do you plan to continue? And also, (if you didn’t write it yet in your third year than don’t answer, i know you won’t give it away beforehand… ) Is there a pairing for Harry?

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