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Read all the latest chapters from Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity below.

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PoP Book One: The Fracturing of Foundations
PoP Book Two: The Erosion of Innocence

Book 3: The Looming of Shadows

Chapter Forty-Three: Dangerous Secrets
Chapter Forty-Four: Black Tidings
Chapter Forty-Five: As the Seventh Month Dies
Chapter Forty-Six: Face to Face
Chapter Forty-Seven: Daunting Paths
Chapter Forty-Eight: Leaps of Faith
Chapter Forty-Nine: An Air of Tension
Chapter Fifty: Broken Pacts
Chapter Fifty-One: Of Trades and Time
Chapter Fifty-Two: Meet Your Worst Nightmare
Chapter Fifty-Three: Looming Clouds
Chapter Fifty-Four: Shaken Psyche
Chapter Fifty-Five: Exploring the Arcane
Chapter Fifty-Six: A Black Day
Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Eye of the Storm
Chapter Fifty-Eight: Demons
Chapter Fifty-Nine: Seizing Power
Chapter Sixty: Of Meekness and Mysteries
Chapter Sixty-One: New Steps and Old Friends
Chapter Sixty-Two: The Unearthing of Schemes
Chapter Sixty-Three: Black and White
Chapter Sixty-Four: New Weapons
Chapter Sixty-Five: Passing Tests
Chapter Sixty-Six: Prodding Vipers
Chapter Sixty-Seven: A Final Act of Mercy
Chapter Sixty-Eight
Chapter Sixty-Nine

Book 4: TBD

Chapter Seventy
Chapter Seventy-One
Chapter Seventy-Two
Chapter Seventy-Three
Chapter Seventy-Four
Chapter Seventy-Five
Chapter Seventy-Six
Chapter Seventy-Seven
Chapter Seventy-Eight
Chapter Seventy-Nine
Chapter Eighty
Chapter Eighty-One
Chapter Eighty-Two
Chapter Eighty-Three
Chapter Eighty-Four
Chapter Eighty-Five
Chapter Eighty-Six
Chapter Eighty-Seven
Chapter Eighty-Eight
Chapter Eighty-Nine
Chapter Ninety
Chapter Ninety-One
Harry XVII
Hermione I
Harry XIX
Harry XX
Harry XXI
Harry XXII
Ron IV
Draco II
Astoria II

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