All PoP Chapters: Year Two

Year Two: The Erosion of Innocence

Book One: The Fracturing of Foundations
Chapter Fourteen: Decisions and Dreams
Chapter Fifteen: Corruption and Control
Chapter Sixteen: Reunion and Riots
Chapter Seventeen: Promises and Progress
Chapter Eighteen: Of Raids and Rings
Chapter Nineteen: Warnings and Welcomes
Chapter Twenty: The Dragon Wakes
Chapter Twenty-One: The Erosion of Innocence
Chapter Twenty-Two: Motives and Murmurs
Chapter Twenty-Three: Struggles and Stirrings
Chapter Twenty-Four: Trial by Fire
Chapter Twenty-Five: Slithering Shadows
Chapter Twenty-Six: Secrets and Songs
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Folktales and Follies
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Unfortunate Timing
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Poisonous Peers
Chapter Thirty: The Slaughtering of Lambs
Chapter Thirty-One: Slithering Snitches
Chapter Thirty-Two: The Pursuit of Greatness
Chapter Thirty-Three: Wounded Lions Part I
Chapter Thirty-Four: Wounded Lions Part II
Chapter Thirty-Five: Brewing Storms
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Rallying of Forces
Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Falling of Pawns
Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Final Straw
Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Hatching of Serpents
Chapter Forty: The Striking of Snakes
Chapter Forty-One: The Telling of Secrets
Chapter Forty-Two: Wading Through the Wreckage
Book Three: The Looming of Shadows

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