The Book of Hemily

Select Passages from the Holy Book of ACI100

Book of Hemily, 3CP 6:17 “He who follows the One True Path of Hemily will reach Nirvana. He who gives Grace to the One True Path will receive Enlightenment. He who believes in the One True Path will become Holy.”

Book of Hemily, Raven 2:12 “For the love between Harry and Emily was everlasting. Thrice enemies, thrice lovers. Their bond will be immortal.”

Book of Hemily, Doc 1:12 “When I first discovered the Holy ship of Hemily, I was but a boy. Now many moons later I am a man and my awe of Hemily has only grown. Their love is entwined in strife, sorrow, seduction, and a symphony of emotion.”

Book of Hemily, Ranger 7:7 “He climbed Mount Fanfiction until he found Ashes of Chaos, the remains of the god, Ace. Ace sent his will through his mortal remains to Ranger and he spoke of Three Commandments all disciples of Hemily must abide by. One, Stay true to Hemily and respect its Holiness. Two, Be humble in one’s awe of Hemily. Three, Always believe in Ace’s Will that Hemily will prevail.”

Book of Hemily, Raven 2:09 “For it is in Hemily we see the Truth. Hemily awakens us from our slumber. The One True Path leads us to Nirvana.”

Book of Hemily, 3CP 6:09 “For he put his life on the line for Hemily. He swore celibacy in honor of his unwavering belief in Hemily. Thus, when the dreaded stabbing happened, he stood strong in the face of heresy; taking a blade to his unprotected back.” Thus, we should all take in heart the lesson, he 3CP, paid in blood for. ‘One only needs unwavering belief in Hemily to face all adversity.'”

Book of Hemily, Athena 2:12 “She knelt in reverence to Hemily, for It is all that is holy. In Hemily we achieve peace, Amen.”

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