Words of Wisdom from Professor Reginald Edward Gress

“This is exactly why this world would be so much better if everybody would just shut up and ask me for advice. We would be so much further ahead if people just started asking me for advice.” – Harry Potter and the Conjoining of Paragons, Chapter 3: Enigmatic Encounters

Cognitivity is overrated. Trust me.

Why would I purposefully mar perfection by changing?

Well, gods and not answering prayers. Name a more iconic duo. I’d say that just confirms me as one.

Ah, it’s good to be me.

The meds make me smell numbers. I don’t like them very much.

My name is Professor Reginald Edward Gress to my friends, and Professor Reginald Edward Gress to my enemies.

Christ… me trying to limit damage. What has power done to me?

Most people would agree. I think they simply lack the right mixture of motivation, creativity, and drugs.

Some take Icarus to be parable about the dangers of flying above your station. Me? I view it as nothing more than a treatise against using wax in my wings.

Pettiness, my dear, is like me. Wonderfully satisfying and never enough.

I see no god here. Except me.

Look, a ready supply of amphetamines and a complete disregard for ones safety can do great things. Terrible, but great.

Hi, my name is peer pressure. Apparently.

I subsist off of spite primarily

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