Meet the Inaugural Members of the ACI100 Hall of Fame!


A true pioneer of everything ACI100, it did not take Umar long to leave his mark. It was he who helped begin the server’s expansion and, without him, it would be unrecognizable today. Umar is credited not only with shaping the Discord server, but with creating the original ACI100 website and for being the catalyst for both the ACI100 YouTube Channel and Patreon Page.


Not only was Blood one of the original server members, he has remained a constant in server culture over the past three years. In an environment that changes so rapidly with every new member who chooses to be active, it takes a lot to be able to say that you have been there for it all. Blood is someone who can make that statement and have it be both genuine and modest.


One of the server’s first true active members, NerdDragonVoid not only helped jumpstart activity, but he also helped establish the sort of positive culture the server would become known for. Nerd — also sometimes known as Dragon — has persisted through almost every iteration of the server and been a joy through it all. He eventually became a moderator and remains a beacon of positive energy to this day.


Where others shaped the server, Fezzik helped shepherd ACI100 into a higher level. Her presence marks the beginning of the editing processes of ACI100, and contributed greatly to the behind-the-scenes efforts to take the writing of ACI100 to the next level. Without Fezzik, neither Ace nor Athena would have progressed in their studies of technical writing as rapidly or smoothly.

Athena Hope

No one has influenced everything ACI100 more than Athena Hope. Whether it’s her work as Head Moderator on Discord, her position as ACI100’s editor, her running of, or the numerous other things she handles, no one has meant more to the fabric of this all than Athena. Her role Mrs. Too Much Time on Her hands stands not as a jibe, but a reminder of just how much time and dedication she has expended over the past 22 months.


The oldest surviving moderator, Raven — also called Sothis — is the only person to be on every iteration of the mod team. Not only has Raven provided an introduction to basic moderation skills to most of the mods that ACI100 has had, but she also established and refined many of our daily use bots. Her faith in the Hemily pairing religion is not only legendary in its own right, but has guided ACI100 through the chaos of the years and led its members to the server we have today.


1saaa — more commonly referred to as Potato, Spud, or Vegetable — has been a boon to the server and its culture over the past two years. Along with being a perpetual joy, Potato has been a trend setter, helping spearhead a generation of theory crafters, taking part in every one of the server’s meme wars, and being an integral component of some of the server’s earliest voice calls.

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