All AoC Chapters: Year Two

Year Two: The Sacrificial Slytherin

Year One: The Forsaken’s Ascension
Chapter 18: Reunions and Revelations
Chapter 19: Morbid Thoughts
Chapter 20: An Unexpected Equal
Chapter 21: Proposals and Changes of Plan
Chapter 22: Of Darkness and Defense
Chapter 23: Emotions and Enigmas
Chapter 24: Schemes and Sortings Part I
Chapter 25: Schemes and Sortings Part II
Chapter 26: Regretful Reminiscence
Chapter 27: Bargains and Battles
Chapter 28: Consequences of Confrontations
Chapter 29: Plots, Ploys, and Pain
Chapter 30: The Dead of Night
Chapter 31: Schemes Uncovered
Chapter 32: The Gods of Irony
Chapter 33: Raging Emotions
Chapter 34: Snitches and Stitches
Chapter 35: Warnings and Wake-up Calls
Chapter 36: Dangerous Duels & Deadly Drama Part I
Chapter 37: Dangerous Duels & Deadly Drama Part II
Chapter 38: Dangerous Duels & Deadly Drama Part III
Chapter 39: Bad Faith
Chapter 40: Party Crashers
Chapter 41: Extreme Escalations Part I
Chapter 42: Extreme Escalations Part II
Chapter 43: Carefully Calculated Strikes Part I
Chapter 44: Carefully Calculated Strikes Part II
Chapter 45: Mounting Tension
Chapter 46: Two More Pieces Left to Fall
Chapter 47: The Falling of Pieces, Part I
Chapter 48: The Falling of Pieces, Part II
Chapter 49: Solving Riddles
Chapter 50: The Sacrificial Slytherin
Chapter 51: The Legacy of Katalysator Part I
Chapter 52: The Legacy of Katalysator Part II
Chapter 53: The Shedding of Skins
Chapter 54: The Toppling of Crowns
End of Year Two Blog
Year Three: The Blackest of Truths

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