All AoC Chapters: Year One

Year One: The Forsaken’s Ascension

Prologue: The Kiss of Destiny
Chapter 1: Beginnings and Truths
Chapter 2: The Other Potter
Chapter 3: The Building of Foundations
Chapter 4: Jostling for Position
Chapter 5: Forgiveness and Friends
Chapter 6: Adventures and Admissions
Chapter 7: Skirmishes, Secrets & Schemes Part I
Chapter 8: Skirmishes, Secrets & Schemes Part II
Chapter 9: Samhain Part I
Chapter 10: Samhain Part II
Chapter 11: Alliances and Atrocities
Chapter 12: Developments and Destiny
Chapter 13: The Speaker’s Den
Chapter 14: Salazar’s Sanction
Chapter 15: The Dragon’s Wrath Part I
Chapter 16: The Dragon’s Wrath Part II (It Gets Worse)
Chapter 17: For the Greater Good
Year Two: The Sacrificial Slytherin
Year Three: The Blackest of Truths

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