Ashes of Chaos Audiobook


The Kiss of Destiny

It’s Halloween night, 1981, but the night doesn’t quite go as you likely expect. Events take place, choices are made, and a traitor is exposed in a shocking turn of events that will rock Magical Britain to its core!

Chapter One

Beginnings and Truths

October 31st, 1981 changed Magical Britain forever. Electing a new Minister for Magic less than a year after Lady Voldemort’s defeat, the magical nation moved on while a small, raven-haired boy suffered at the hands of his neglectful relatives. Ten years later, this boy realizes exactly what it is that makes him special, as he embarks on a path that will define his future.

Chapter Two

The Other Potter

After a summer hard at work, it’s finally time for Harry Potter to attend Hogwarts. He has prepared to the best of his abilities, but but there are some things one just can’t prepare for. Things like unforeseen interactions, untold, complicated political games, and meeting your long lost brother.

Chapter Three

The Building of Foundations

Summary coming soon.

Chapter Four

Jostling for Position

Summary coming soon.

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