Describe a decision that you have to make in your group,. Pick one that matters to the group and one where there are various opinions about what should be done.

Describe a decision making approach that you might apply. Explain why you selected this particular approach.

Leader Report Requirements

Time and Place of the meeting
Everyone who was present and a brief summary of their contributions
How you incorporated suggestions from class readings and member discussions
Your observations regarding meeting choices such as location, seating, socializing, etc. and the impact on group interactions
Intentional behaviors you employed in support of a positive communication climate
What leadership tasks were easy or difficult for you? How did you navigate the difficulties?
Your observations regarding the group decision making process. Are you implementing any structures or processes for decision making?
An overview of what was accomplished during the meeting
A list of any tasks that were assigned to group members and an explanation of how this was decided
Your overall impression of the group interaction.
What worked well? Are there any problems to be addressed?
How does the information from the text and class discussions fit with your observations?

Meeting 5 was held on November 8th at 5pm. This week, all members of the group were in attendance (Kyra, London, Colton, and myself) and we held the meeting in my house as traditional. The culinary theme for the night was Chinese and we had: cream cheese rangoons, rice, stir fry noodles, pot stickers, and a stir fry that had chicken with assorted vegetables. Kyra was working on finalizing the powerpoint for the symposium while London took additional notes. Colton and I contributed to the discussions and helped lead conversation. We discussed what we would be doing for the symposium and tried to anticipate questions that we would be asked.

This meeting went well in terms of social organization. I have yet to notice a problem with the group regarding social interactions in any of the meetings, but this meeting does stand out as having gone fairly smoothly. There were a couple of complications with dinner and getting everyone parked at my house, but nobody complained or seemed upset about them. I had originally worried that these complications would cause bitterness or resentment, and I was very pleased when they passed without comment.

During the meeting, I did my best to engage everyone in conversation and keep people on task, however there was one point when the group spiraled and I noticed Kyra seemed a bit annoyed. After noting this, I quickly redirected the conversation back on to what Kyra was wanting us to focus on as it was, admittedly, more on task than the other problem we were discussing how to solve. On the hosting side of leadership, making sure everyone was comfortable, I kept an eye on everyone’s drink levels and would offer a refill when they were close to empty and it was an appropriate lull in work to do so. I know this seems like an odd thing to mention, but I have found that these small hospitality things prevent awkwardness in a conversation and helps things progress smoothly and with ease.

I find most leadership skills easy to model, however I am not fond of it. I would rather be in a group that works without one clear leader, and I think that was clear in the meeting that I led. While I still directed us on tasks and ensured we completed all of our tasks, I did so in a very laid back way. Letting various people lead conversation or activities as happened naturally. I prefer this instead of taking over the leadership role consistently for every conversation as I feel it fosters confidence and growth in the other group members more than it would if I managed every conversation. I know where my strengths lie and I try to allow others to work on theirs as well.

In class, both Kyra and London described themselves as low-talkers. While I think they are incredibly outspoken in group, I do occasionally note those traits emerging in our small group discussions. Both girls, on occasion, get focused on the tasks they are working on and grow quiet in the discussion — even if the discussion is revolving around what they are writing.


Check in on how the kids are decorating

Do we need any more supplies?

How is sourcing the sewing machines going?

Are we willing to meet more often for sewing?

Check in about concerns or fears with the project

Discuss symposium questions

Discuss if we want a presentation aspect or not?

Design presentation aspect if desired: powerpoint?

Assign roles based off of areas that people have been covering:
Colton – ?, London – ?, Kyra – Timeline, Me – Background and Questions

Go over anticipated questions

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